You will look gorgeous wearing Trezora's handmade art glass jewelry.

Merging art and style, our fused glass jewelry will become your favorite accessory for any outfit or special event. Trezora's glass pendants, glass earrings, glass necklaces, and dichroic jewelry await you. Fusing glass in a kiln at varying and extreme temperatures alters the very nature of the glass. As the heat rises above 1200 degrees F the glass softens, at 1700 degrees F, the glass flows like honey and in between, magic happens. Using sterling silver, we then transform the glass cabochon into spectacular glass jewelry - pendants, earrings & necklaces that are sure to complement your unique sense of style. First date or first anniversary, Valentine's day or Mother's day, your wedding or your daughter's wedding, office party or rave? Jewelry from Trezora will make your special occassions fabulous. So, if you know what you want, then jump in and shop our broad jewelry collection of glass pendants, glass earrings, glass rings, glass bracelets and jewelry sets & necklaces. Need help selecting the right gift? Go to our gift ideas help page. Reflect your inner fire ... P.S. Do you live in Silicon Valley or South Bay area? Crystal is now teaching fused glass in her solar powered studio in Campbell, CA. For more information on classes and class times please visit